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We’re getting digital at Kyle Square Pharmacy: We’ve teamed up with Healthera to diversify our service for you. Through the Healthera app, you can communicate with us to better organise your medication. This means that you no longer need to visit your doctor’s surgery to pick up your prescriptions. And do you need to drop it off at the pharmacy.

We understand that life is busy and getting into the doctor’s surgery or to our pharmacy isn’t always convenient. We also know that being able to contact us digitally makes communication more accessible. So, we’re really excited to be able to offer this option to our community.



How To Set Up Your Electronic Prescription Service

– You can download the Healthera App and connect to Kyle Square Pharmacy through this link.
– Alternatively, you can find the app on the Apple Store and Google Play. 
– You can connect to Kyle Square Pharmacy by following this link. 
– If you have already downloaded the app, you will be able to locate Kyle Square Pharmacy from there and can begin reordering your medication.


Why Use The Healthera App?

– The Healthera app allows you to talk to us digitally to organise your medicines.
– You can order your meds at a time that suits you
– No more having to visit the GP plus the pharmacy
– We’ll let you know when your meds are ready
– You may prefer digital communication
– Once your prescription is ready, you can collect it from the dispensary.  But check to see if you qualify for free prescription delivery by contacting us.

Download The App

Please download the Apple or Android app and connect with us today.